The Hills are Moving!

That’s right! In a little less than a month, the Hills are moving to the mountains…the Montana mountains to be exact! Last summer while road tripping in our travel trailer for 2 months, we fell in love with the Flat Head Valley area and knew we could easily see ourselves building a new home base there! In fact, I basically had to drag all the Hill men back to Ca. When our trip was over!

Being that we were both born and raised in Modesto, and most of our family is here, this is definitely a bittersweet decision, but one that we knew if we didn’t’ make now, it would probably never happen! Our kids are still young and see this move as a grand adventure! Currently they are most excited to fish the nearby lake and that our new rental has stairs!

Jerad and I have always talked about wanting to move outside of California and we see this as our opportunity, one we don’t was to pass on and regret later. Starting on May 1st, we start paying rent on a cute little place on the edge of town, while we start the process of finding a home to purchase! One of the biggest draws to the area, is that we want a bit of land to call our own. Enough property that we can send our kids out to pasture (only half joking), have room to explore and build and create and just breathe a little. I may even start up gardening. Maybe. 😜🌿

Our current plan is to being loading up the cargo trailer with our earthly belongings (Sans furniture, we’ll be selling most of it) and hitting the road the last week of May! Kalispell, Montana is our final destination! It is in the northern western part of the state, not too far from Idaho and Canada!

Jerad and the kids are so excited, and while I am also super excited for the this new adventure, I also know that I will be probably crying all the way to the Idaho border. I deeply treasure all our friendships and family that we have here, but this also allows me to extend the invitation to anyone who wants to come explore Montana to come stay a spell with us! We will be 30 minutes outside of Glacier National Park, and it is truly a place of beauty!

As we get closer to our moving date, and as we find new roots in Montana, I plan on blogging the journey here!

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  1. So excited for you & your family! I rarely see you but I’ll miss you being around here! Many blessings on your new season of life! May our God use you all for His glory.
    Praying for the details ahead!
    You are loved & will be missed!
    Ginny ❤️🙏🏻

  2. YAY! So happy for you Hills. I’m so glad you loved Montana and decided that it was the best for you and the kids. We had the same feeling last year when we knew the good ol’ Mo that we grew up in just isn’t the same place we wanted to raise our kids. Best of luck, many blessings on your new adventure.
    There will be days that you cry Mall because you miss everyone, but you know that the Lord put you in Montana at the right time to lead you ” to pasture”, LOL of a new place to call home.

  3. Beautiful post! Change is hard, but good for our hearts and souls! Always have to go with your gut! You are right, perfect time when the kiddos are so excited for the move! You will be missed! I will have to come visit once y’all are settled in! Hopefully they have a lot of vintage in good ole Montana too! Best wishes, safe travels Hill Family!

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