What Sparks Joy


I know. It’s been ages. Life has been busy and crazy and a tad bit insane.

Besides all the usual home upkeep and school shenanigans and family adventures, we got placed with a beautiful newborn baby girl named Mikayla right before Christmas. More on her sweet face later.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the current Marie Kondo craze that started with the premier of her Netflix show. I’ve read her books and watched a bunch of episodes. There is a lot of truth to what She has to teach, that we are to declutter our lives and homes of everything that doesn’t spark joy.

Now I love a good declutter session. In fact I heard one of my boys ask his brother where a certain toy was. Brother responded with “I don’t know, mom probably donated it.” Truth.

I’m always going through drawers and closets because somehow 🤷‍♀️ The piles keep coming back.

Okay, it’s usually because I’m addicted to the thrift hunt and we have 4 children!!! Those tiny humans sure do collect ALOT of stuff.

A minamilist way of life is looking more and more appealing as I’ve had to spend my days maintaining all the stuff. But here is my problem: I also like pretty things. They bring me joy!

How do you become a minimalist who still loves shiny things?

You buy yourself a disco ball, and that is exactly what I did.

A little shop down the road from my house has had this disco ball hanging in random places outside during store hours every since they opened their shop. Every time I’d drive past I would search for the disco ball. It became my own happy little game of ISpy. It made me smile.

Well I decided I wanted that shiny ball of happy for my home.

So yesterday I went down and bought it. I’m almost certain I skipped all the way home.

Random I know. Where does one put a disco ball? Why does one need one? Doesn’t it go against all the farmhouse trendiness?! Yup. And I love it.

So here it is, currently sitting on my entry table, catching some afternoon rays and then sending them across the hallways bouncing off the walls making my heart joyful!

When was the last time you bought something for your home because it brought you JOY and not because it was what was trendy?

In complete honesty, I’ve tried the farm house look. I like a bit of trendy once in awhile but I started to realize lately it just isn’t ME. I love color and sparkle and patterns.

And as if I needed more justification to embrace my quirky eclectic side, I came across this great TED talk from Ingrid Fetell Lee. She does a great job reminding us to look for the joy in everyday moments.

Another thing I did that brought me joy: I went rollerblading yesterday. A mile racing down the bike trail, wind in my hair and thighs and buns burning like mad, but man, was it awesome and good for my being.

All that being said, what’s your disco ball item or rollerblade moment?!

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  1. This is so awesome! I can so relate! Loving the disco ball. It’s the perfect place! It brings a smile to my face too! You have inspired me to find my disco ball item and rollerblade moment! 🌻

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