DIY: Wood Sign Made With Stickers!

I love good quotes and I love wood signs, and I’ve always bought mine because, well, my handwriting is horrible with a paintbrush! Then while taking apart in my usual Pinterest addiction, I came across this amazing tutorial from Jennifer at Paisley Pink Polkadots. So, I took myself down to my favorite craft store and bought the following items:

1. Wood plaque
2. Letter Stickers (don’t be skimpy, better to have extra then run out!)
3. Paint

After I painted the sign white (will make letters white) I marked & measured so my letters would go on straight.

Make sure to press down the letters, otherwise paint will slip underneath.

Then I painted the whole sign. A little tip…less paint is more. With this sign, I painted to many layers and it seeped under the stickers. So with the sign I’m making now, I did a thin layer, which created a more shabby chic look!

After the paint had dried completely, I peeled each sticker off. I touched up some of the letters that the green paint had seeped onto with a little white paint.

After the touch ups dried, I sanded down the sign to roughen it up a bit and add a little a little character!

Then I added a little sparkle and glam, and ta-da!