From Dump Zone to Sanctuary

Your master bedroom is supposed to be a sanctuary, a place of refuge and rest from the whirlwind of the world.

Ours is a dump zone.  Literally piles of laundry and technology and baskets of randomness we threw in there before company showed up. You’re welcome, company.

Not exactly the place that brings breaths of fresh air and romantic moments…more like death trap of frustrations.

Well, I had finally had enough (Jerad did too i’m sure) and decided to revamp and change it up a little cosmetically! (It’s definitely time to go through our clothes and drawers again, but that will be so much more enjoyable in a pretty room) 🙂

Currently we have an old pottery barn duvet cover and freebie curtains I got from a friend! They looked good and did their job, but now it’s time to say goodbye.

Here is the before picture: 😩😭🤦‍♀️

Not a pretty site is it? Doesn’t exactly scream “love nest.”    Definitely time for a change! Now, I didn’t have a huge redecorating budget for this project and wanted to use as little money and as much stuff that I already had! With my love for vintage thrifting it wasn’t too hard to do!

Here is the after photos: 😍🎉😍


Not too shabby huh?! I spent a total of $105 on the project! (And we all know I’m still not done tweaking) The new curtains were off of Amazon for $80, new duvet and shams for $20 on Zulily and two mustard throw pillows were clearance for $5 at Target! Everything else was items I had already around the house!


I added a fake plant (I kill all green things) in a vintage brass planter to my night stand, two sunburst brass mirrors I’ve had for awhile in a closet, a couple new picture frames, candles in the window and of course you can finally see and appreciate my awesome mid-century chair on wheels when the pile of laundry isn’t suffocating it.

The whole revamp took me about an hour one afternoon and I really love how it turned out! I am still looking for some awesome artwork to put inside the gold frames, but no rush.

Now, the room looks great, but I know you are all wondering if I’ve kept it this way.  The honest answer is no, I haven’t. 😒😬 Life is busy and messy and well, I tend to be on the lazier side.  BUT it has greatly motivated me to be better at working harder to keep it clean  and peaceful! The laundry doesn’t stay piled as often and I actually make my bed once in a great while! (My mom and friend Jess are my hero’s for making their bed everyday.)

So, cheers to a finished project done on the cheap and to keeping our bedroom a place of respite, comfort & marital bliss 😳😍😝 instead of the cluttered dump zone it was!

Now it’s your turn! What’s an area in your home that needs a quick revamp and refresher!?

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