Memory Making Messes

Usually my life as a mother consists of containing the mess.  Cleaning the mess. Wondering where in the world that mess came from and generally just embracing the mess.

Then there comes the days where I take part in making the messes.  Yes, it’s usually few and far in between, but when those days come, it’s always memorable.

photo 3

This past week the hubs had to be out of town for work and I jumped right into my single parent mode with plans and trips and schedules to help us survive the week.  Then two days in, Emmy decided to welcome in, only slightly, her one year molars.  Sleepless hell broke loose and all my carefully thought of plans went right out with the trash…along with multiple bags of this weeks fast food, cause who really cooks when the husband is away?

But instead of embracing the mess and trying to control the mess, because my house was a TOTAL MESS, I helped make more…and it was wonderful!
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I put my cleaning blinders on and busted out the Playdough. The paints.  The big box of Legos.  We ate our McNuggets on the carpet and even went to the store just to purchase extra big things of Vinegar and Baking soda because some serious Volcanos were about to go down.  (The grocery clerk looked at me as if I had an extra limb when I told him what we were doing, and yes, it was just for fun.)
photo 3
Yes I’m tired.  Yes my house is mess.  But there will always be laundry and dishes and a bazillion things on my ToDo list.  This week was all about loving on my poor baby girl and making memorable messes with my kids.
photo 1
We have the most fun when I don’t think about what the clean up will entail.  When I embraced the collection of sprinkles, paint, playdough and baking soda that was all over my kitchen table, we had a pretty awesome time.
photo 1
I need to have more of these days.  Yes, the clean up at the end day was a little more involved, but I just poured myself a little extra bit of wine and enjoyed the peaceful scrubbing, remembering all the good times we had making these messes.

My kids won’t want to play with me forever, so I am embracing it now.

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