Our Sweet n’ Spicy tornado of trouble 

Emerson is her name and keeping me on my toes is her game. Every day. All day. Turn your back for 30 seconds and catastrophe is your reward. 

She’s like no other…well, except for me when I was her age 😬 a whirl wind of activity and drama! 

The last 24 hours she has been a little more fiesty then usual so I thought I’d share them with you…

#1 She picked up a decorative glass vase and CHUCKED it across the room at Cohen. It hit him square under the eye causing blood to start pouring down his face and resulting in a trip to urgent care and 2 stitches. She was sorry, he was brave and the icee helped. 

#2 She decided to try and swing herself by bracing herself on the couch and coffee table. Her hand missed the coffee table but her face caught it perfectly on the corner of her eye. Her and Cohen now match and Karma may have gone through our minds. 

#3 while I was loading the dishwasher this morning, I heard her making a spitting sound and upon finding her I realized she had found our only ink pad in the house and had decided to give it a good thorough tasting. After vigorously scrubbing her face, she still has a slight goatee. Matches her black eye perfectly. 

This sweet and spicy tornado I love so fiercely makes me want to laugh cry  and scream all at the same time. I know God has big things planned for such a spirited little girl, it’s just figuring out how to live with her until then! 

Father God help me to have patience, grace, love for her spunk, encouragement for her spirit and poison control on speed dial. 

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