Safe n’ Smellgood Ant Repellent

Guys. We have ants. Though Not nearly as severely as we did a couple days ago. 

It was bad. Like, laying in bed and all the sudden feeling those tiny irritating ant legs crawl across MY FACE!! 

Not ok. I kinda just wanted to burn my house down. 

But we’ve handled it, Emmy is a supreme ant smasher 😂😱 and I was putting off calling our bug guy until the ants found our food.

Two days ago, 30 minutes before I was leaving for the day, they found the food. 😱😭😡

Absolute fury. No one messes with my snacks. 

But I needed to do something. And the idea of leaving any poison around my 2y0 who thinks all things were made to go in her mouth just made me nervous. 

So I quickly went online remembering that ants don’t like some herb oil, just couldnt remember which one. 

It’s peppermint by the way. 

All the recipes called for peppermint and white distilled vinegar and a bunch of other things I didn’t have on hand at that moment. So I just threw some vinegar and tons of my peppermint essential oil in a bottle and sprayed and wiped and sprayed like a mad woman. 

Guess what, the ants are gone. They retreated back into the hell hole from which they came!! AND my house smells like Christmas. Sure, a few brave scout souls returned but they were quickly sprayed, wiped and lite on fire 😇

I sprayed the other areas around the house that have had ants and seriously guys, they are pretty much gone!! I’m calling it a win!!

 UPDATE: although this mixture did temporarily stop ant flow, it did not in fact get rid of them. So husband gave me the “no more Pinterest” look and bought the big bad stuff. It’s been 24 hours and the ants have disappeared. Seriously. This time. We even have the traps full to prove it. Sometimes you have to go big to go back home. 

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