Our Texas Wanderings

Last week was our 10 year anniversary! We’ve had our crazy years, our good years, our years full of adventures and the tough years.  Man, I love this man!

Jerad surprised me with a 5 day trip to Waco, Texas! I’ve had a few people ask, “Why Texas?!” To that, I say “Why not!”  Besides grabbing connecting flights in Dallas, neither one of us have ever been to Texas before and we absolutely love traveling to new places and exploring together!  Oh, and then there was the Magnolia Silos to visit of course!

I’ll be completely honest when I say Waco was a lot like Modesto, except very clean and everything is really spread out.  We put about 800 miles on our rental car this week! You can tell that the Gaines are really bringing new life and activity to Waco and it will be exciting to see where the town in 5 years from now!

Where We Stayed 

Doug & Donna were our sweet & thoughtful hosts at the perfectly cozy (and fully stocked) BlackBerry Cottage where we stayed all week! Seriously guys, If it hadn’t been for our cute rugrats at home, we most likely would have stayed another week! If you find yourself heading anywhere near Waco, I HIGHLY recommend staying at one of their two wonderful cottages located just right outside of town! Our hosts were not only one of the sweetest couples we’ve met, but took the time to bless us in the little details such as handmade treats and homemade anniversary cards! 

I drank a lot of tea and read TWO novels while relaxing here and was able to witness a beautifully dramatic thunder & lightning storm from the comfort of the front porch!

Magnolia Silos

One of the main reasons Jeard chose Waco, Texas was to take me to the Magnolia Silos! Being a huge fan of Fixer Upper and all of Jo’s fabulous designs, getting to actually go to the place I’ve seen on tv so many times was exciting!  We arrived Friday morning not long after they had opened and the lines had already begun to form! Right as you come up the Silos is the new bakery, but to be honest I didn’t feel like waiting an hour in line for a cupcake, so we moved on through the gates.  The grounds are everything you think they’d be! Perfectly designed and groomed, it was a site to behold…if you could see through the crowds.  The herb garden was my favorite spot as it felt so natural and homey! The raised boxes hosted growing veggies and flowers and the wooden mushrooms in the Teepee structure were so whimsy!

Once we wandered through the gardens and outdoor area, we headed for the shop! A sign placed strategically in front said “Free shipping over $100”….I thought, “Challenge accepted!”

The displays inside the shop were beautiful and pieced together with some amazing items, but we were a bit underwhelmed with the whole experience.  Although creatively done, it felt more like we stepped into a big box store instead of the boutique we expected.  But we wandered the displays, appreciating the designs and placing a few items into Jerad’s waiting arms! My favorite treasure that is currently being shipped home is this gorgeous black n’ white striped marble platter! Isnt’ she a beaut!?

We ate a scrumptious lunch at one of the many food trucks parked along the gardens and finished the morning at the Silos with some good ol’ fashion people watching! The fan girl moments happening all around us and the groups of women  in matching t-shirts were my favorite.

*If you’re headed to the Silos, I highly suggest going on a weekday morning first thing, as this place gets crowded FAST! We are talking Disney Land type lines!

Heritage Homestead 

As fun as the Silos were, another treasure we found was the Heritage Homestead right down the road from our cottage!  It’s an agrarian- and craft centered Christian community living the lifestyle of simplicity and sustainability! From spinning their own yarn from the sheep in their pastures, to sewing charming quilts and creating gorgeous pottery pieces and hand carved furniture, this community is full of historical craftsmanship! The grounds are gorgeous, full of flowers, fruits and veggies and trails leading to each different workshop! Most of their building are historical and preserved beautifully!  I loved the Mill that was powered by a large waterwheel; you just don’t see that anymore.

We met my aunt and uncle at the Homestead Cafe for lunch and then we went back for breakfast a couple days later and had the most delicious food! Everything on the menu is locally sourced or grown right on their property and it was seriously the best breakfast I have ever had! It was so full of flavor!

* My Aunt Karrie took some beautiful detail photos and just posted them HERE on her blog StoneCreek.Farm

Random Estate Sale 

Ya’ll know I love a good Estate sale and the treasures to be found, but I also love seeing the inside of the homes with their different designs, quirks and architectural wonders! While wandering through Waco, we stumbled across a beauty of an Estate! The house was stunning! It looked as those the original owners decorated it in the 1950’s and hadn’t changed a thing since! Not to mention the grounds were gorgeous with their big winding trees and bricked walkways! Although most of the items were either too big to fit in my carry on or were high priced antiques, we still enjoyed seeing the touches of marble, the crazy wall papers and classic design of the home! Whenever we travel to another town, I’m always checking for estate sales!


I know a lot of you maybe wondering were we treasure hunted in Waco, so I’m putting together a list of all the places we found in the next post!


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