Two Different Styles, Same Vintage Love

I don’t think this is just me, but I struggle with deciding on a design style for my home.  Well, that’s not totally true as I’ve recently decided I’m quite Eclectic. I love all the things!  The multicolored midcentury artwork to the farmhouse metal baskets to the boho brass vases and kitschy figurines…I like it all!

So when I stumble across a great piece while out hunting, I rarely leave it behind, no matter it’s style.

Today I started looking through some of the vintage treasures I have in my shop cupboards and noticed the wide range of styles I’ve accumulated.

It got me inspired to start playing around with the items, so I ended up decorating each side of my hutch in two very different styles: One subtle and farmhouse, the other vibrant and playful!

The problem is, I absolutely love each side! Would it be TOO Eclectic to leave it decorated this way?!

Isn’t it a site to behold! I love the calm and elegant feel of the right side, but the pop of personality of the left definitely catches the eye!

Here are some items that I am always on the hunt for in any style:

1. Vintage & antique books: Both for their titles, like the classic reads and also for the colors and designs of their covers! Books are so versatile for any style you want! Even with their pages facing front they always add character to your room.

2. Bud vases: I love them.  They are sweet and practical, good for both fresh or fake flowers and always adds pops of color!

3. Art work: colorful floral pieces with paint texture are some of my favorites but muted watercolors and even black and white prints add so much personality to your walls! Not to mention the conversation pieces they become!

After designing both sides of the hutch, I asked my kids to come in and pick their favorite side! Surprisingly 2/3 loved the more muted side…i guess they appreciated the glam. 🙂

FYI: Everything, and I mean everything in these pictures is for sale! Some of the items are listed in the shop, or you can message me for details! So go ahead and SHOP MY SHELF!

I know that it can be hard to look at an item in a antique shop and struggle with knowing exactly what to do with it or where to place it in your home, so I wanted to show some examples on how to display those beauties you find!

So until these treasures find a home of their own, I think I will keep this battle of the styles hutch design up for awhile.  Both sides bring me joy!

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