Water coloring in the bathtub

We love to paint. We love bath time. So painting IN the bath was like a mind blowing experience (even though it wasn’t the first time) Here they are before the magic happened







20140724-155603-57363400.jpg Poor Emmy girl got a paint tray dumped on her! it was fun. They got messy and clean at the same time! And although my bathroom (and children) were super colorful, it was washable so no harm no foul

Stop saying “Hurry up”

It is the last day of a jam packed fun filled 10 day vacation to the beach with our kids. I’m exhausted, They’re exhausted, but our memory banks are full of awesome adventures.
Most of you understand that a vacation with kids is really called a trip. Although it’s an amazing time filled with fun memories,it’s also a lot of work. Wanting to make sure we always had time for fun and that everything got done in the midst of the craziness, I tend to say “hurry up” a lot, rushing my family from one activity to another. After finishing up packing the Beachhouse and sweeping the piles of sand out of the front room, I sat down to take a little breather and scroll Pinterest. I stumbled across this amazing blog post all about letting your children enjoy life and stop saying “hurry up.”
Then just as I was about to get up and rush to finish the rest of the cleaning, Cohen wanted to hold hands.

Talk about it instant opportunity to learn a valuable lesson. So the cleaning can wait and I’m enjoying sitting on the couch holding my 2yo’s chubby hand. Enjoy life.

The MomMobile

The MomMobile, also known as our Nissan Pathfinder is really like a second living space for us. We are always on the go with school, play dates, errands, church and our many adventures, and having 3 small children, I like to be prepared for anything…and everything.  So, on any given day my car is filled with snacks, clothing, diapers and wipes, at least 2 strollers, park toys, picnic blankets and always a very random assortment of toys that the boys just can’t won’t leave the house without. And then there is the trash that collects: tissues, food wrappers, my multiple empty Starbuck’s cups, the occasional dirty diaper (gross) and the wonderful “treasures” my boys are always finding that MUST come home, but never actually leave the car.
I used to take great pride in having a clean car, and I still do, but I’d have to spend an hour everyday cleaning my car! Why don’t I just keep up on it you ask? Why am I such a slob you say? To you I say, “ha!” As I glance back at my 3 beautiful and very messy tornados for children!

(One day I’ll actually do all those wonderful car organizing tips I pin on Pinterest)

We do go to the car wash about once a week to clean and vacuum my car (and usually always before Jerad rides in it :) ) It’s a huge treat for the boys, who also love to help me vacuum, so it’s a win win.  But it still manages to get unruly.

The other day I noticed my Mommobile needed a little extra attention, so while Liam was at school, Cohen and I attacked it like cleaning machines determined to leave no crumb unnoticed, no little hand smudge left behind and ALL items removed from the car.  While vacuuming out the 10lbs of food crumbs from under the seats, (always said I’d never let my kids eat in the car) we kept finding all these poor lost toys! Cohen thought we were on some fantastic treasure hunt….who am I kidding, so did I! Here are a few, yes a few, of the items we found….by the way, I have no idea where that flower tag came from, as I have never bought that flower.  Apparently my car is somewhat like the Bermuda Triangle.


Oh, the things that change after you have kids.  So, how’s your car looking these days?

Yes, I’m tired

Motherhood. The wonderful state of always being tired because you love those little humans sooo much.
Also because I apparently don’t know how to go to bed early.
I am my own worst enemy when it comes to getting sleep….well, and my kids do a wonderful job at justifying my large collection of under eye concealer.
The past couple days I have walked around like a zombie. Seriously. I’m pretty sure I growled at a lady, and that slobber on my shirt is a 50/50 combination of mine and Emerson’s.
Yesterday at a doctors appointment I told the nurse Emerson’s birthday wrong 4 TIMES!! Pretty sure she was about to call the police thinking I stole these kids.
Today I tried on a pair of shorts at Target, put them in my basket and started to walk out of the dressing room without any pants on! And those buns look EXTRA ghostly under those wonderfully horrible fluorescent lights.
Ahhh, motherhood. These moments are humbling, mortifying and Gods lil gifts for laughter.
And of course, I wouldn’t change a thing. I may be tired, but I am blessed. So, I’m choosing to laugh it off as I reach for another cup of coffee.


My Giant Cross Stitch Rose

I love to cross stitch. Am I good at it? Not particularly, but I find it strangely calming, probably just my OCD and my love for counting stitches.

I’ve had this Pin on my Crafty board for awhile for a big painted cross stitch rose from blogger Alison at Whimseybox.com and I love how it turned out! But I wanted to try it with yarn.  So I gathered my supplies, subbing yarn instead of paint and set to making my X’s following her same pattern, just tweaking it in certain places.

photo 2

Supplies: Yarn, Scotch tape, Large white peg board that I picked up at Home Depot

Quick tip: I wrapped the ends of my yarn with scotch tape like a needle making it easier to thread through the peg board.
photo 3
Liam even got in on the action! He loved making the X’s and feeding the yarn through to the back side, then waiting patiently for me to thread it back to him! Talk about a great small motor activity for kids!
photo 4
I worked at here and there and enjoyed it so much that I kept threatening to peg board cross stitch every room in my house…much to the horror amusement of Jerad.
photo 5
I really love how it turned out.  It’s colorful, crafty and totally funky! I was planning to hang it over my craft table, but I think I may actually hang it over our master bed!  Yes, I’m loving it that much.  Since it’s almost as big as my kitchen table, buying a frame could get pricey, so I’m still deciding whether to build a frame for it or just leave it be.

What do you think?

Picking My Battles

I’ve come to realize motherhood is all about choosing your battles so you can win the war…or raise your kids right….yeah probably the 2nd one.
Today has been a day of some potential scrimmages and a couple full out guts n’ glory battles.

You want to wear your brothers PJ shirt backwards? Looking good kid.

You want to play Power Rangers with my cooking utensils? Have at it.

You want to poop in the backyard? OH. HECK. NO. SON. Pull up those pants!

Play with sister instead of eating lunch? You’re a great big brother!

You want to come at me swinging fists and screaming cause you didn’t get your way? Back up off me son, those shenanigans won’t fly here.

You want to drive your cars in the horribly filthy gutter water? Just don’t put it in your mouth.

And this was all before 11:30am. I love Everyday with these kids and it’s always an adventure and a constant learning lesson for me. Thank you Lord for providing me the extra strength, patience and love so I can choose my battles and the kids don’t end up tied to a chair.