DIY Large Paper Rosettes

I’ve had quite a few friends ask how I make the paper rosettes that I’ve been making for my banners and cards, so I thought this would a great DIY Tutorial project…plus any chance to be crafty is a great one!


Here is what I used today to make these:

*You can do this with just glue, paper and scoring board, but I made this particular rosette a little more fancy since they will be for my baby girl’s 1st birthday!

(how did that even happen!? didn’t we just bring her home from the hospital?!) 


  1. Some fabulous scrapbooking paper
  2. Hot glue gun & glue
  3. Edging Paper punch
  4. Circle Paper punch
  5. Scotch Advance Tape Glider
  6. Martha Stewart Scoring Board

I wanted to make this rosette on the larger side, so I cut the scrapbook paper into 3 pieces that were 5.5 x 12 inches.  This would make my rosette about 11 wide.

After cutting my paper, I took my edge punch and punched all along ONE LONG side of the paper.  This will give the rosette a nice snowflake edging all around.  *you can also skip this step if you want a simpler look…or less work ;)


Next, I laid my freshly punched paper onto my Martha Stewart Scoring Board length wise with the scalloped edging on the bottom.  Then using my scoring tool, I made a crease every inch on the board. Make sure not to press to hard or you will end up with holes in your rosette.  Depending on how “bunched” you want your rosette will depend on how close you make your creases.
*Oh, and the score board…AMAZING! I never knew I needed one of these magical tools until my husband surprised me with one for Christmas a couple years ago.  #TotalGameChanger

I then took the 3 scored pieces of paper and folded them Fan style.  After folding the paper, I used my Scotch Advanced Tape Glider to add a piece of sticky tape along the first and last folds of each piece so that I could add them all together to make one long fan strip. After adding one more strip of tape, I brought the front and back together to make it a circle.

*Oh, and the Tape Glider….yet another #TotalgameChanger that I can’t live without and gift from my wonderful husband! Who’s the real crafter in this family…..

Then push the center together as you flatten the edges…Confused? Me to.  This part has brought me to cursing now and again, as the paper fights you like an angry toddler with no nap.  But once you show it you mean business and get that center down, it’s all fun and craftiness again!
Next, use the circle punch to punch out a circle to help hold the rosette flat.  I’m very generous with my hot glue as I would like my rosettes to withstand a small hurricane.
After my large rosette is done, I set it aside and start making a smaller one to layer on top.  *again this is just what I did to make this one fancy! :) I made my 3 strips of paper 3.5 x 12 inches this time and repeated the above steps.
Once you have both your rosettes completed, simply glue them together at the center circle! I’ve added small paper doilies to some of my rosettes to add a little more well, fanciness!
To make super cute small rosettes like below, I simply used 1 strip of paper that was 1 x 12 inches and glued the ends together!

Happy Crafting!  

Miracle Diaper Rash Recipe

I knew having a girl would bring a lot of motherhood firsts my way, but I didn’t expect the WORST DIAPER RASH I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! Did she sit naked in a boiling fountain of LAVA?! Neither one of my boys ever had bad cases of diaper rash, just a little redness here and there that Desitin always took care of pretty quickly.

And then came Emerson and her lava parts. Poor baby girl couldn’t sit down, screamed when I changed her, and to my horror, the Desitin seemed to be making NO DIFFERENCE.

I jumped online (on Pinterest of course) and started reading what other moms did for stubborn horrible lava butt diaper rashes, when I stumbled across this little gem from Heather at Cookie Mondays!   (Thank you Heather for sharing!!)

photo 1
1 cup distilled water
2 teaspoons distilled white vinegar
1/8 teaspoon tea tree oil (a natural antibacterial)

Lucky for me, we had tons of Tea Tree oil since we also used it on Liam when he had MRSA….I’m definitely starting to love oils more and more.

I cut up an old soft burp clothe to use as wipes and at every diaper change, I simply used the medicine dropper to squirt the mixture over Emerson’s rash.

*Word of warning: the tea tree oil and vinegar did sting a little bit the first couple times, but a whole lot less than using regular wipes and Desitin!

After only 3 doses, her lava butt rash looked amazingly better! (I cannot stress how bad the rash was…we are talking blister status!)  The redness had gone down and she was even able to sit up, poor girl. (It has now been 2 days since using the mixture and her rash is almost completely gone!) This will forever be my go to rash medicine now!
photo 2



On a completely unrelated note, I finally found a tea pot! I know, I know…call the press. But seriously, it’s a big deal! I’ve been looking for like ever and had yet to find one that wasn’t big money or fit my taste. Then I stumbled across this treasure of a pot at Marshall’s for $9.00!! Yes, only $9! Winner winner chicken dinner!
Now, who wants to come over for some tea?!
photo 3

Counting My Blessings Instead of My Messes


Today as I glance around my house, taking in the multiple “mini” messes that have created one gigantic disaster, the piles and mountains of things that need to be washed (including my children) and catch a glimpse of my less than chic appearance in the hallway mirror, I have decided to shrug my tired shoulders and count my blessings instead of the messes…..and there are a lot of both.

There is more food on the floor than in my refrigerator, but we are not hungry.

My children need a bath but they are happy and loved.

The mountains of laundry and dishes threaten to overtake the house, but I have 3 wonderful machines that provide me help and a much needed 30 minute break.

Toys scatter EVERY surface, but my children have a safe and loving home where they can play freely.

Leftover paint from yesterdays art project covers part of the kitchen floor and wall, but it’s washable and we created a memory.

30 minutes ago I had 3 very grumpy children on the verge of a major meltdown, but now Thank You Jesus, they are resting peacefully.

So yes, my house is chaos, I have no idea what I’m making for dinner, and the toys I just managed to put away will be pulled back out in another hour or so, but I AM BLESSED.

And guess what…SO ARE YOU!!!  Count your blessings, give thanks to God and go make another mess….Cause like I’ve always said, “the best memories usually come from the biggest messes!”

What a Whirlwind

The past couple months have been a complete whirl wind.  I feel like any organization, mental capabilities and simply the ability to function as a human being has completely left me.  Dark circles, a “few” new grey hairs and a woman living in survival mode is left laying in the dust….dust bunnies that is.  I went grocery shopping today, and I’m pretty sure I was given more that a couple sympathetic glances, which were returned with a glazed over look of confusion as I simply tried to navigate my grocery list.

A little recap:

1) We found a new home (praise God!) and decided to start the exciting adventure of moving and all that it entails

2) Our air conditioning went out at our current home during a heat wave

3) 3 days later I came down with SEVERE Salmonella poisoning which resulted in a ER trip and 4 days in the hospital.  Apparently I was very close to meeting my sweet Savior…seriously, Salmonella is NO JOKE!

4) Because of the risk of my 105F Fever coming back, I couldn’t go home to our current house with no air conditioning, so my AMAZING INCREDIBLE TOTALLY AWE INSPIRING Family not only watched our children while I was in the hospital, but packed, moved, unpacked and cleaned our entire house in less than a week (insert standing ovation)

5) it took a couple weeks before I was feeling myself again and had the strength to take care of my kids, so my husband, grandmother, mom or mother-in-law had to stay with me during the day.

6) Liam started Pre-K

7) Cohen no longer has a pacifier…which with any of you with “Binkie” babies, know this is a big deal….one that has resulted in him having a harder time going to sleep

8) Jerad’s Business has been growing and keeping him busy(total praise), with even a few week long trips thrown into the mix

9) Jerad’s Grandmother, who we were very close with passed away suddenly….I still go to call her some days.

So, all of this was thrown into the daily chaos that is life with three little babes, your own business and just life in general.  All my plans, my 30 day detailed and SUPER organized move and way of functioning was thrown right out the window.  Yet again God was reminding me that I’m not in control. That I don’t have it all together.  He doesn’t require perfection, but that in the middle of the chaos and hardships I can completely rely on Him and all His grace, mercy and goodness. I can trust Him to pull it all together and carry me gently to the other side.

As I write this, I realize He has gingerly set me back down on my feet but hasn’t left my side.  Which is good, because I’m still having a hard time knowing whats up or down.


Water coloring in the bathtub

We love to paint. We love bath time. So painting IN the bath was like a mind blowing experience (even though it wasn’t the first time) Here they are before the magic happened







20140724-155603-57363400.jpg Poor Emmy girl got a paint tray dumped on her! it was fun. They got messy and clean at the same time! And although my bathroom (and children) were super colorful, it was washable so no harm no foul

Stop saying “Hurry up”

It is the last day of a jam packed fun filled 10 day vacation to the beach with our kids. I’m exhausted, They’re exhausted, but our memory banks are full of awesome adventures.
Most of you understand that a vacation with kids is really called a trip. Although it’s an amazing time filled with fun memories,it’s also a lot of work. Wanting to make sure we always had time for fun and that everything got done in the midst of the craziness, I tend to say “hurry up” a lot, rushing my family from one activity to another. After finishing up packing the Beachhouse and sweeping the piles of sand out of the front room, I sat down to take a little breather and scroll Pinterest. I stumbled across this amazing blog post all about letting your children enjoy life and stop saying “hurry up.”
Then just as I was about to get up and rush to finish the rest of the cleaning, Cohen wanted to hold hands.

Talk about it instant opportunity to learn a valuable lesson. So the cleaning can wait and I’m enjoying sitting on the couch holding my 2yo’s chubby hand. Enjoy life.